If you have a Web Site or Internet Company that was Made in Newcastle or the surrounding area you can join in.


  • Your website must have been made in Newcastle upon Tyne or the North East.
  • It must be for an Internet business (i.e. web application, e-commerce shop, a mobile application, software accessed online)

This web site isn't intended for digital agencies to show off their work (you've got a portfolio page for that).

Be Proud

Please display "Made in Newcastle" somewhere on your web site with a link back to www.madeinnewcastle.co.uk.

You can use our logo (a PNG at the top of the page) and add your own adverb (such as "lovingly made in Newcastle" or "crafted in Newcastle".

What's This For?

To show how fantastic Newcastle upon Tyne is for web and digital companies, whether established or startups. See the community.

Why Newcastle?

If Newcastle is to thrive in the 21st century, Newcastle needs to get back to what it does best - making stuff.

Want to Get Listed?

If you have an Internet business or a web site that was made in Newcastle please submit your site. It costs you nowt!

Who Made This?

Seeing as you asked, this was made by Graham Miller. I'm proud to say that I live and work in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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